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Safety Tip:
Preparing for an equipment assessment - Documentation

One of the most frequent nonconforming items disclosed during equipment assessments is the absence of documentation whereby the suitability of components and designs may be determined. Operation and Maintenance manuals are necessary for both domestic industry requirements and national and international standards conformance. The equipment assessment process is greatly facilitated if the manufacturer can compile for the auditor as much of the information outlined below as is possible.

Product Brochures/Sales Literature
Installation Manual(s)
Operation Manual(s)
Service/Maintenance Manual(s)
Existing Safety Information
Facilities Requirements Documents
Electrical Wiring Diagrams
Process Piping Diagrams
Critical Components Lists
EMO Circuit Diagrams and Descriptions
Interlock Diagrams and Descriptions
Ionizing Radiation Sources Information
Non-ionizing Radiation Sources Information
Fire Detection/Suppression Information
Seismic Anchorage Suitability Information
Transport and Handling Instructions


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