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Our company specializes in the environmental, health and safety aspects of the semiconductor manufacturing and equipment industry. We are topic experts in the application and assessment of equipment to all semiconductor industry standards. The EHS2 name reflects the integrated compliance approach to safety taken by world class manufacturing companies. Services offered by EHS2 integrate product and equipment safety with process and operability in a systematic manner to improve the competitiveness of our customers.

The experience of our staff is aligned with the needs of our customers to assure quick understanding of complex environmental, health and safety issues and provide appropriate, value added, cost effective solutions, regardless of the customer company size. Industry experience affords EHS2 our competitive advantage.

EHS2 is full service. We provide:

Factory, Fab, and Facility Services
Equipment Services
Information and Training Services

 We are partners in the development of your company’s environmental, health and safety capabilities.

Competitive Advantage

We are committed to provide our customers with the highest levels of technical expertise with unparalleled quality and service. EHS2 provides our clients  with project management by a Principal of the company. The close contact between the Principals of EHS2 and Your organization allows for rapid integration of industry expectations into your project. Each Principal is an established industry leader with a high reputation for integrity and competence. Further, each principal has expertise and experience with the processes and utilization of equipment in this industry. Our customers will receive immediate and continuous attention throughout their projects.


Our People

We are proud of the people that make up EHS2. Their performance and attitudes towards each other, their jobs, our customers and the company are the source of this pride. EHS2 has been built around individual contribution through team effort. Each of these individuals maintains and brings to the company a high level of personal integrity.

EHS2 develops and manages projects with the goal of providing benefit to the client,while allowing for personal growth, and development for employees. Our people are particularly adept at identifying and seizing technological changes that allow us to perform our work in better ways.


Our Customers

EHS2 holds the goal of providing products and services of the greatest value and highest quality to our customers. We know that in this way we may assure their loyalty and continued respect. Towards this end, we hold that EHS2 exists to serve real customer needs, and that these needs may only be met with the active dedicated participation of everyone in the company. Our foremost aim is to establish and maintain positive, long term partnering relationship with our customers.


Fields of Interest

Our company growth has been generated by a strong commitment to customer support in environmental, health and safety related concerns. That growth has been accomplished by providing high integrity consulting and evaluation services to equipment manufacturing companies supplying equipment to semiconductor device manufacturers. Growth has been furthered also by expanding our range of services, building upon our existing technologies, competencies, and responding to customer needs.

The basic purpose of EHS2 is to accelerate the advancement of knowledge and fundamentally improve the effectiveness of individuals and organizations in meeting their environmental, health and safety imperatives. We provide products, services, and documentation to inform, support, validate and evidence the environmental, health and safety suitability of products and equipment used in global manufacturing settings.


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