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We provide a wide range of services to help meet your Environmental, Health and Safety needs.

EHS2 is full service We provide:

Corporate Services
Plant and Facility Services
Equipment Services
Information and Training Services

EHS2 provides services to support corporate environmental, health and safety imperatives.

Corporate Services Include:

Industry EHS Status Training
EHS Program Development
EHS Management
EHS Integration
Advisors on EHS Planning
Strategic Consulting


EHS2 provides services to support Factory, Fab, and Facility environmental health and safety requirements.

Plant and Facility Services Include:

Cost Reduction Evaluations
Compliance Management
Environmental Impact Management
Community Image Enhancement
Mitigation and Re-mediation Management
Support in other areas

EHS2 provides services for high technology equipment including:

Inspection Systems
Assembly Equipment
Test Systems
Lasers and Laser Systems
Robots and Automation
Lithography (photo and track)
Diffusion Tools
Implant Systems
Chemical Distribution (liquid and gas, including copper treatment systems)
Treatment Systems
Subsystems and Components
And others…

Equipment Services Include:

Safe by DesignTM Training and Consulting
SEMI S2-93A Assessments and Reports
SEMI S8 and SESC Ergonomics Assessments and Reports
CE Mark Assessments and Reports Using Applicable European Norms
Documentation Support
Required Safety Testing

EHS2 provides Information and Training programs to support successful compliance with regulatory and non-regulatory requirements. Custom training programs may be crafted to meet your specific needs. Contact us to request additional information.

Training Programs Include:

Corporate Industry EHS Status Training
Safe by DesignTM Training for Equipment Manufacturers
Training on Norms and Standards
Training on Industry Standard Practices and Guidelines
ERT Training
OSHA Mandated Training
Custom Courses as Required

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